What did we use before toilet paper?

The oldsters always refer to using pages from a Sears Roebuck or Eaton's catalogue, or pages

from old books or newspapers-but that was after paper and printing was cheap. What about

before that, or for folks who didn't read? Corncobs. Yes, the cob that corn comes on.

Eat the corn and you have a cob that could be dried and hung in an outhouse to be

used for cleaning up. Throw it down the hole and it would compost nicely. (This makes

catalogue pages seem very hygienic and convenient, not to mention soft!) And when you are

camping, leaves seem to be the t.p. of choice. Just be sure to avoid stinging nettles.

In some countries people use nothing but water to clean themselves after going to the

bathroom. The left hand is always used for cleaning. That's why in India you must only use your

right hand for eating. To do otherwise would be gross and very impolite.

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