Lions Gate Internet is a British Columbia Internet service provider, offering Internet access services to the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Prince George, Kelowna and Vernon. Each Lions Gate Internet membership includes access to our all-digital V.90 modem network, a personal email account, reliable and knowledgeable technical support, and a wide range of value-added services and flexible
membership options.

Your Lions Gate Internet Membership can include these popular services:

• Internet e-mail address
• Subaccounts
• Dialup Internet access 24/7
• Unlimited network traffic using PPP
• Ability to create Personal Web Pages
• Telnet, FTP and IRC access
• Unix shell accounts
• Compatibility with Windows, Linux, DOS and Macintosh

Lions Gate Internet Memberships

Trial Membership ($9.95): 100 hours in your first month, for one month only.

Surfer Lite, Surfer and Surfer Plus Memberships:
Surfer Lite Surfer Surfer Plus
Monthly Free Hours 6 hrs. 25 hrs. 100 hrs.
1 Month $4.95 $13.95 $19.95
6 Months $29.70 $83.70 $119.70
12 Months* $50.49 $142.29 $203.49
*this rate includes a 15% discount

Additional Time Charges

All usage is billed for time online that exceeds your monthly quota during your billing period. Your billing period is the period from your signup date to the same date one month later.

Additional charges for usage over your plan's quota are $1.50/hour. You can view your account usage at any time via the Lions Gate Account Manager:

Example: If you sign up on the 18th, your usage charges will always extend from the 18th of one month to the 18th of the next calendar month, and you will be entitled to a set number of hours during that time period.

Note: Note: All charges are subject to 7% GST and 7.5% PST

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